Ballymena 80s reunion - another big night planned

The future's bright ... dayglo styles at the 80s reunion.
The future's bright ... dayglo styles at the 80s reunion.

Almost £6,000 has been raised for charity thanks to a fantastic ‘80s reunion’ evening in Ballymena.

What started as a bit of banter on social media swiftly took on a life of its own with the establishment of the Facebook group ‘Ballymena Youth of the 80s’. Within one week the group boasted 1000 members and currently is heading towards 6,000.

Started by Noel (Hutchy) Hutchinson in January of last year, the group’s hardworking admin team consists of Ronny McFall, Gary Agnew and Sherman Wright.

“We now have members who live as far afield as Chile, Australia, US and the Far East,” explained Ronny.

“80s music was a big part of the group’s initial impetus but it soon became obvious that sharing memories of Ballymena ‘back in the day’ was very important to members.”

As a result, the group has brought old friends together for the first time in 30+ years and it was was the group’s membership who indicated they wanted not just a common or garden 80s night but a fully fledged no-holds barred reunion.

All who supported the reunion gave their time ands ervices free so all money raised went to the charity Diabetes UK & British Heart Foundation, Tesco Superstore Ballymena’s charity partner.

£5864.40 was raised which includes Tesco’s 20% top up.

The group would like to thank Leighinmohr House Hotel (Nikki Armstrong), all the DJ’s, The Party Zone, McGroggan’s Fancy Dress, Focus Photography Academy and all those who donated to the magnificent raffle.

And yes .. plans are already underway for the next reunion!