Ballymena Advanced Motorists information evening

Ballymena Advanced Motorists are holding an information evening on October 13. (Editorial Image.
Ballymena Advanced Motorists are holding an information evening on October 13. (Editorial Image.

Ballymena Advanced Motorists is the local Group of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) which is a national body dedicated to improved driving standards and road safety.

Whether you are an experienced driver wishing to enhance your technique or a new driver improving skills and seeking safer motoring, taking the IAM’s Advanced Test really does make sense.

Preparing for and passing the Advanced Test will make you a safer and better driver, with heightened road sense and greater enjoyment in daily driving.

Another benefit is that there is potential for reduced insurance costs. The current cost of the IAM Advanced Test is £149, a small amount for such a long term investment return in a life time of driving and safer motoring on our roads.

In spite of an improved network and modern cars offering better protection in accidents, the number of people who die on our roads remains unacceptably high.

Traffic accidents are the largest cause of death and injury among young adults, ahead of illness and drug abuse. The statistics for 2014 show that there were 31 driver deaths, 12 of whom (39%) were aged under 25.

One way of tackling the shocking record of death on our roads would be to improve driving standards. IAM believes that if everyone developed their skills to the standard required to pass the Advanced Driving Test, deaths and injuries would fall dramatically.

If you are interested in improving your driving abilities or would like to encourage your friends or family, then please get in touch with your local IAM Group or enrol on line. The IAM Advanced Test is also available to motor cyclists.

Ballymena Advanced Motorists plan to hold an Information Evening on Tuesday, October 13, at 7.30pm in Ballymena North Business and Recreation Centre, 120 Cushendall Road, Ballymena, BT43 6HB

The contact details for the Ballymena Group are as follows: Ballymena Advanced Motorists - telephone 07808287585

You can enrol online via Institute of Advanced Motorists website: and follow links for Drivers/Courses/Advanced Driving/Skill for Life.

If you enrol on line, your details will automatically be forwarded to Ballymena Advanced Motorists.