Ballymena Citizens get ‘more’ creative

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An award winning pilot programme aimed at sustaining the creative and cultural lives of local citizens is to be developed over the coming year.

Ballymena Borough Council agreed in 2014 to become the Pilot Authority Area for the Creative Citizens’ Consortium in association with Voluntary Arts UK and a range of regional organisations.

That programme resulted in participation by over 50 local arts groups resulting in a programme of over 150 events throughout the borough and the winning of the prestigious All Ireland Carnegie Trust Award for 2014.

Having been updated on the success of the pilot last Monday night, a Council committee approved an officer recommendation to develop the programme in 2015.

This will include two months of arts and cultural activity in the borough.

Councillors were also told that the highlight of the programme in 2015 will be the local display of The Methodist Church Collection of Modern Christian Art - an internationally renowned collection of modern Christian art described as being “second only to the Vatican collection”.