Ballymena residents ‘living in fear’ of further accidents at Ballee roundabout

UUP's Robin Swann pictured at Ballee roundabout.  INBT 35-650-CON
UUP's Robin Swann pictured at Ballee roundabout. INBT 35-650-CON

A Ballymena junction is in danger of becoming an accident blackspot unless urgent repair work is carried out, a North Antrim MLA has warned.

UUP representative Robin Swann has urged the Infrastructure Minister to make cash available for the resurfacing of Ballee roundabout, adding that “immediate action on funding” is needed.

Assemblyman Swann added: “The roundabout has already been the site of a number of serious accidents in the last few months, with local residents living in fear of a car or lorry crashing through their property and I believed the site had been earmarked for urgent remedial works.

“I am disappointed to learn that although TransportNI recognises that there appears to be an ongoing issue of vehicles losing grip on the roundabout and the condition of the surface has been checked, no action is being taken to fix this increasingly dangerous situation.

“Having already lobbied various Roads Ministers in the past, I was pleased when it was revealed the roundabout was listed for resurfacing with high friction chippings.

“But I cannot stress my extreme disappointment and frustration that the work has now been put on the long finger as it is now subject to money being available rather than a priority.

“There is now the real danger that this Ballee Road roundabout could become one of the most notorious accident blackspots, not just in the Ballymena locality, but across the North Antrim constituency itself,” Mr Swann added.