Balmoral’s ‘jungle’ gets Translink chop

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Residents of Balmoral Avenue have had their lives ‘transformed’ by the removal of a jungle of vegetation at the rear of their homes.

Paul Frew DUP MLA for North Antrim was first contacted about the problem in October last year when constituents complained to DUP Councillor Reuben Glover about the overgrown slope which runs down to Ballymena Railway Station and its park’n’ride facility.

“People were beginning to report problems with vermin and litter,” explained Mr. Frew. “However, they were unable to solve this problem themselves because the land had been fenced off, and, in any case was not intheir ownership.”

Mr Frew wrote to Translink to highlight the issue and they confirmed that they were the landowners.

“They said they would cut back the vegetation and carry out vermin control in the area at my request.

“Subsequently, I met with Translink on site to confirm the exact area in question and the details of the operation.

Mr Frew said that fed-up residents were delighted with the news.

“Their lives have been transformed by this and they can once again enjoy their homes coming into the summer months .

“I am very pleased, along with my constituents that progress was made.

“I would like to thank Translink for their considerate co-operation in resolving this matter for these residents. They are really relieved to see all this vegetation finally gone from the area.”