Bastion Bikers - the story so far

Ballymena man Sgt. Gary Wilkins is keeping us informed of the progress made by the lads of Imjin Platoon in their marathon fund-raiser for the SAM fund. Read on ..

Gary writes:-

"After 5 days hard slogging we have managed to knock off just over 700 Km from our target.

"It is hard going with the temperatures settled now at 45/46 degrees, puddles of sweat are at your feet within minutes of starting.

"Because of the various taskings, the lads can be on the go for up to 18 hours a day, there is no set pattern as to when they can get to the gym - it is down to when they can fit it in.

"We are now well over the $1000 mark here in Camp Bastion and pledges of cash are starting to flood in from friends and relations back home.

"Every soldier gets two weeks R&R during their six month tour out here, and all heading home get the mandatory brief, and now a sponsor sheet to dish out amonst their friends and family, so hopefully this will boost our efforts.

"My leave is in mid July ... can't wait.

"Various schemes are being hatched to raise money. I am playing Ranger Robert Rock a game of golf for $50 dollars around a championship course ..... on a play station 3.

"Rocky, who is from Portglenone and a member of the mortar platoon in Ballymena, is an expert so I am told so I will need bit of practice first.

"Best wishes to all back home from the boys in Bastion."