Bike Fest event at Ecos Park on Saturday

The Ecos Centre. (Editorial Image).
The Ecos Centre. (Editorial Image).

Bike Fest, a cycling event taking place at ECOS Park in Ballymena this Saturday, June 11, will kick off ‘Bike Week’ throughout Mid and East Antrim.

Following the recent 5km off-road waymarked route within the grounds of ECOS Park, Mid and East Antrim Borough Council is inviting individuals, groups and families to take part in ‘Bike Fest’ on Saturday from 11am-2pm.

Cycling Ireland will be hosting a ‘Sprocket Rocket’ skills course for children and a ‘Watt Bike Challenge’ for everyone to measure sprint tests.

Halfords will also be sending their Bike Doctor team to have a look at cycles, and make any simple adjustments to ensure your bike is safe, a Council spokesperson said.

And, for anyone who wants to get involved in cycling regularly, local Ballymena cycling clubs will be present to promote their clubs to any potential new members.