Board agrees ‘home collection’ for Gilmour family - Allister

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After lengthy representations and the tragic death of young Adam Gilmour, North Antrim MLA Jim Allister says he has been advised by the NEELB that they have agreed to have the Gilmour children picked up at their Loughill Road home - if and when they can face returning to that address.

Mr. Allister, the TUV leader, continued: “This was the reasonable request made to NEELB by me on 20 October 2014, and earlier by the family.

“Sadly, it took NEELB three weeks to even sit down to discuss the request. And as they convened their internal meeting on 11 November news of the tragedy came through and the meeting was aborted. The delay in handling the request is one of the issues I expect to be addressed in the report being sent to the minister.

“While I greatly regret the delay in handling the original request and the tragedy that Adam died in the meantime, it is right, though it took a further two weeks, that NEELB should now provide the transport originally requested.”

He added: “My thoughts and prayers continue to be with this family in their deep grief.”