Broadband slow? MLA’s speed advice

Davd McIlveen. (Editorial Image).
Davd McIlveen. (Editorial Image).

North Antrim DUP Representative David McIlveen has been updating constituents around the rural broadband project that he has been championing for several years.

In some areas where Superfast Broadband has become available, new customers have been told that the service is ‘at capacity’.

But Mr McIlveen advises: “I was shocked to learn that some customers, having had a fibre cabinet installed in their area, were being told the new cabinet was at capacity within a few months. I have spoken to BT and been advised that there may be a solution.

“Each cabinet has a number of ports within it and rarely are all of these ports filled at the same time in order to leave some additional capacity if required. Therefore if a customer is told there is no more capacity it may just be a matter of BT having to utilise an additional port in the cabinet. At my request BT have been able to deliver greater capacity of Superfast Broadband to a number of villages and hamlets in my constituency,

“I would therefore ask any customers who have been told by BT that there is no more capacity in their area to contact my office on 02825641421 and we will try to help. It is great to see that so many people have availed of the service in their area and I will continue to work with BT to ensure that more people in rural areas can have Superfast Broadband also.”