Business Awards backing

Mid & East Antrim Borough Council. (Editorial Image).
Mid & East Antrim Borough Council. (Editorial Image).

Provision looks set to be made in next year’s rates to support staging Business Awards in Ballymena, Carrick and Larne at a combined cost of £18,000.

At their meeting, last week, members of the Economic Growth & Development Committee approved an officer recommendation to include an allocation of £6,000 for Awards in each of the three predecessor council areas within the 2016-2017 rates estimates.

While Ballymena has held a Business Awards event annually over the past decade with over 400 people attending each year, Larne Business Awards have been run bi-annually and Carrickfergus has not held such an event for some years.

It was pointed out to the Committee, prior to their decision being taken, that ‘business awards promote business excellence in an area, provide healthy competition, recognise those who excel in their field of business and the night provides an excellent opportunity to network’.

Council has agreed to be principal sponsor of the 2015 Ballymena Awards on October 1 at a cost of £5,750 and the committee was informed that benefits include the council brand on all publications and advertising materials. They were also reminded of their agreement, earlier in the year, to support any predecessor Council area wishing to run Business Awards with a maximum contribution of £6k.