Broadband a problem issue in rural areas

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Sinn Féin has met with BT to push for better broadband provision in rural North Antrim.

Local MLA Daithí McKay said people in many outlying areas were struggling to get good broadband speeds for domestic and business use.

He added: “Progress is being made and areas across the constituency are due to be upgraded by September 2015 as part of the Broadband improvement project. Information about your postcode area can be found on

“I will continue to raise this with the Enterprise Minister until we have the equal provision which is what rural communities deserve when it comes to broadband or any other service.”

Sinn Féin’s Glenravel councillor, Paul Maguire, added: “I have also asked for an upgrade of broadband speeds and mobile phone coverage in the Braid area.”

Cllr. Maguire explained: “Having been contacted by residents, I requested a visit by the Department for Enterprise Trade and Investment (DETI) to address the lack of high speed Broadband provision in Martinstown.

“We were informed at a presentation by DETI representatives that BT is currently surveying the area with the view to upgrading the exchange or installing a street cabinet similar to Cargan. I have asked council to maintain pressure on DETI to ensure the earliest completion of the survey and delivery of higher internet speeds. This is not only important for social internet users but increasingly so for farmers, with more farm business being conducted on-line.

“Similarly, I have asked council to request that Glenravel, especially Cargan, is considered for the Mobile Infrastructure Project, a £150 million initiative designed to improve rural mobile coverage”