Cast a vote for your favourite coffee shop

Coffee vote
Coffee vote

Ballymena has a growing reputation as the coffee capital of Co. Antrim - and now local people will have a chance to cast a vote for their favourite cafe.

Ballymena Borough Chamber of Commerce and Industry is opening the judging in the ‘best small eaterie/coffee shop’ category of their annual business awards to the public vote.

To have your say in who wins the Best Small Eatery/Coffee Shop simply text the keyword “SMEAT” to 88802 followed by a space and the number of your preferred entry. You will receive a confirmation text message for each of your valid votes.

If you do not receive a confirmation text message then your vote has not been registered.

Chocoa Couture Chocolate House - SMEAT 1; Classic Cuisine - SMEAT 2; Creative Gardens Galgorm - SMEAT 3; Middletown Coffee Co - SMEAT 4; Subway at Fairhill Shopping Centre - SMEAT 5; Nobel Cafe - SMEAT 6; Red Brick Coffee House - SMEAT 7; Subway - Ballymoney Street - SMEAT 8; The Corner Bakery - SMEAT 9; The Sweet Spot - SMEAT 10.

The voting period is from Tuesday 6th to Saturday 17th September 2016. Standard text messaging rates apply. If you text your vote outside of the voting period, your vote will not be counted but standard text messaging rates will apply. You can vote by text message as often as you like within the voting period however Insight Mystery Shopping will have in place monitoring procedures designed to prevent individuals influencing the outcome of the voting through the use of any device, process or mechanism to automate votes.