Residents ‘outraged’ to see Main Street of Randalstown being dug up - again!

Randalstown street works causing outrage - councillor
Randalstown street works causing outrage - councillor

Residents of Randalstown are ‘outraged’ that their main street has been dug up again for service works, according to a local councillor.

Cllr.Trevor Beatty (DUP) said he was driving through the town to church last Sunday morning when he was ‘shocked’ to see the Main Street and sidewalks had been drilled and reopened up for the provision of electrical supplies to be taken across the road.

He said: “This extraction occurred within three months of the recent Public Realm Work having been completed on the Main Street in Randalstown.

“The Public Realm project has been the topic of discussion and public debate in the town over the past two years between the local council and statutory bodies, retailers and residents and despite assurances and promises to them that no further work would be undertaken for at least one year, our main road has already been pulled up!”

Councillor Beatty is seeking assurances that the road and pavements will be restored to the condition they were in prior to Sunday morning and at the earliest possible date.

“History would say the road surface will have a ‘bump’ once all of the material settles and this must be addressed in the months ahead. Residents are outraged by this turn of events and they demand answers as to why this work was permitted to happen so soon. As of Friday morning the road still remains unfinished,” he said.