Super trolley will help clean up the streets!

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Keeping Ballymena’s town centre streets spick and span just got a little bit easier - thanks to Ballymena BID.

They have revealed the new ‘Street Orderly Trolley’ which has been supplied to the ‘Town Centre Street Cleaning Operative’.

PJ McAvoy, Chairman of Ballymena BID’s Safer, Cleaner and Accessible group, commented: “Keeping the Town Centre environment clean and tidy is essential for the businesses, shoppers and visitors.

“The purchase of this equipment will help our street cleaning operative by having all the necessary equipment with him to keep our streets cleaner.”

William Alexander, Ballymena BID Director added: “We consulted with the Street Cleansing Operative and Council Officials to see how efficiency could be improved and as a result of this we supplied the new equipment.

“This will help the Street Cleanser Operative as he will no longer have to make continuous journeys back and forth to base to pick up equipment that is needed to deal with some of the mess left on our streets.”

Alison Moore, Acting BID Manager said: “We will continue to work in conjunction with Council Environmental Health on additional projects to further deliver a cleaner Town Centre”.

A spokesperson from Council thanked the Ballymena BID for supplying this additional equipment and commented that the new street trolley will be very helpful in keeping the Town Streets cleaner.