Town centre ‘BID’ team seek further feedback on plans

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After widespread consultation, Ballymena’s Business Improvement District (BID) Team have produced a draft plan setting out the apsirations of local businesses.

The Task Team, made up of local business people, has developed the draft plan aimed at revitalising the town centre and putting local businesses in control of the changes they want to see happen.

The draft plan concentrates on six priority areas: 1. A coordinated programme of Marketing, Promotions and Events; 2. Accessibility; 3. Support for town businesses; 4. Improving Safety and Security; 5. Improving the Physical Environment; 6. An Innovation Fund

Peter Day, BID project Manager, asked that business people in the town provide feedback on the priorities in the draft plan.

He said: “This plan has been circulated throughout the town to every business and is available to view on our website.

“I ask businesses to read the plan and feed back to me their views on the ideas and suggestions proposed for Ballymena town centre improvements.”

Terry Robb from Ulster Bank and Chair of BTCD explained that the BID Team would be preparing a final plan for the end of January 2015.

Terry said: “The BID Team are genuinely very keen to learn if the draft plan, which reflects the ideas from the consultation process so far, hits the mark for Ballymena Businesses. It is available to view or download at