Wind power wonders - Michelin turbines celebrate ‘birthday’

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Michelin’s two wind turbines at its Ballymena tyre factory have celebrated a year’s worth of wind power and have now generated nearly 9 million units since the turbines were installed last year – that’s enough to brew over 400 million cups of tea.

The two turbines from Britain’s leading green energy company Ecotricity have a capacity of 4.6MW, with the energy generated fed directly into the factory, which produces bus and truck tyres, helping to reduce emissions.

Each year the Ecotricity turbines generate enough green electricity to prevent 4,146 tonnes of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere and provide enough electricity to power well over 3,000 average homes.

Since being installed they have produced enough electricity to: Drive a Nissan Leaf around the equator 1,263 times; Brew 437,768,775 million cups of tea; Power an energy saving light bulb for 90,861 years; Keep an iPad going for 729,615 years

John Milsted, Factory Manager at Michelin Ballymena, said:

“The environment is an important priority for Michelin and we are always looking for ways we can improve our energy performance.

“We pride ourselves on our energy efficient credentials and the wind turbines show our commitment to the wider green agenda and our core value of respect for the environment.”