Cairns’ anger over Blue Badge delays

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A local TUV rep has hit out at delays in the processing of Blue Badge applications.

Richard Cairns, TUV Assembly Candidate for South Antrim, said he was shocked to hear of a three-month delay in processing applications for those with a recognised disability.

“Blue Badges are essential to those with disabilities, or parents, friends or family members who assist them with the essentials of everyday life. These badges allow the holders to get on with daily necessities such as shopping, getting to appointments and gives them the best opportunity to be as independent as possible,” Mr Cairns said.

He added: ““For those with expired Blue Badges traffic wardens have been advised not to penalise those with it displayed while in a disabled parking bay but this does not apply to private car parks.

“New applicants are being hit the hardest – they are having to wait the full three months before being able to use such designated parking.

“Only today I was contacted by constituent who due an extensive waiting time for back surgery, has had to apply for a Blue Badge. He has been told it could be Easter before he receives his Blue Badge.

“That is of no help to him as he has to attend medical appointments and live his everyday life.”