Celia the snake is reunited and she feels so good!

Celia the snake back with owner Adam after a stay at Jungle World.
Celia the snake back with owner Adam after a stay at Jungle World.

She’s the snake that caused an internet sensation last week - but now, after six months, she’s back where she belongs!

Ballymena traffic attendant Stevie Fullerton became a social media hit when the Ballymena Times broke the news of how he’d found a snake slithering along Albert Place in the town.

While others backed off, Stevie moved swiftly to collect the creature which he knew from past experience was actually a harmless and pretty docile corn snake.

Media outlets across Northern Ireland chased after the story but we can now reveal that, thanks to Stevie’s actions, Celia the snake is back with her delighted owner, Adam Fleming.

Adam’s partner Kitty Sneade takes up the story: “We had gone away for a few days in July and Celia managed to squeeze through a hole and got out. When we got back we searched everywhere but we had no joy.

“We were moving to a new house and after another top to bottom hunt we still cpouldn’t find Celia so we thought she was dead.

“A colleague of mine had tagged me in the Ballymena Times facebook post describing how Stevie had found her. We couldn’t believe it was Celia after nearly 6 months!! Thankfully Celia had been left with Jungle World NI, they looked after her until we could pick her up.

“Adam was over the moon to get her back, she needs a good bath and some much needed TLC, she’s a trooper! She is completely harmless and very affectionate, we are home now having cuddles and baths to help her get better after what can only have been a traumatic experience for her, poor thing! We want to thank absolutely everyone involved with helping us get her back, she really was missed and we are loving having her home safe again.”