Charlene sheds weight and gains new career

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A Ballymena mum who has lost over seven stones has spoken of her weightloss journey in a bid to encourage others to get healthy.

Charlene McCrory was spurred on to lose weight following the birth of her second child, after her health began to suffer.

“Seven months on and my daughter becoming more mobile, I was breathless even bending down to pick her off the floor. I sucked on inhalers every few steps and my back and hips ached! I blamed childbirth again hiding from the fact that this all related back to my weight,” Charlene said.

After being teased by a friend of her son’s for being fat, Charlene knew she had to take action.

“I had known all along I was overweight but to be called fat it broke my heart. All I could think was, what if my son gets bullied or teased because of my size,” she said.

The next day she looked up Slimming World’s website and found the next class.

“I stood on the scales almost in a sweat to be told I was 17 stone 9 and a half pounds,” she said.

In the first week she lost 6.5lbs.

She added: “Eat food and lose weight I couldn’t believe my luck.

“I was enjoying everything I ate and seeing my ability to help others on social media empowered me.

“Three years in a stood on the scales and saw ten and a half stone! I was lost for words, a weight I knew I wanted to and should be was looking back at me and all my hard work had paid off!

“I had ate myself thin again. I enjoyed every single step of and offered all my knowledge to others who like me wanted to change following the Slimming World plan and taking on a healthier active lifestyle.

“Slimming World gave me this, it gave me so much that I decided to give back - in April this year I took my very first class as a Slimming World consultant.

“I loved it so much I opened my second and third group and I now have four groups each week. I am so passionate to help people believe in themselves to give them all the tools they need to achieve their dreams and to live life around food optimising and the freedom of this fantastic plan.”

If you would like to join Charlene, her Slimming World classes are held at Ballymena North Busines Centre on Wednesdays at 10am; Thursdays at 10am, 3.30pm, 5,30pm, and 7.30pm; and Saturdays at 8am and 10am.