Clarke disgusted by comments made by Jude Collins about Boys’ Brigade

Trevor Clarke MLA.
Trevor Clarke MLA.

South Antrim DUP MLA Trevor Clarke says he is “disgusted” by comments made by media commentator Jude Collins about the Boys’ Brigade.

Mr Collins had earlier this week after likening the organisation to terrorist groups.

On Twitter on Tuesday he connected the Christian organisation to pictures of children who were involved in a dissident republican event in Lurgan last weekend.

Condemning Mr Collins’ comments, Mr Clarke said it was “appalling” to compare a Christian grouping to dissident republicans.

“Having grown up in Boy Scouts and been a leader, I find it totally appalling and unacceptable for the likes of Jude Collins to make remarks about an organisation such as the Boys’ Brigade and compare them to a republican organisation,” Mr Clarke said.

He added: “What we saw in Lurgan was a young boy march with republicans at an illegal parade, so how can Mr Collins find similarities from those disturbing scenes, to all the BB organisations across Northern Ireland, who march to a church service?

“Mr Collins may have found his words totally comical, however his remarks have offended many many people, who are in some shape associated to a BB organisation, be it parents, leaders and churches.

“The Boys’ Brigade has always and will always continue to be an organisation to teach young boys many skills, discipline and to lead them away from the likes of the shocking scenes which we witnessed in Lurgan.”