Clusters are ‘worth funding’

Ballymena Town Hall
Ballymena Town Hall

The borough’s four community clusters are to have an equal share of an £80.000 kitty of funding from Ballymena council.

A Council committee has agreed an officer recommendation that the local authority should endorse its annual £20k funding to each of the clusters - North Ballymena, Ballymena South, Bann Maine West and Ballymena East Rural for 2015-16.

The funding required was described to members of the Economic Growth & Development Committee as “a worthy investment” for Council considering the Clusters have, since their inception, levered in additional funding of over £300k to help deliver their objectives.

The Committee was told that resources had been set aside in the rates estimates to allow Cluster activities to continue.

It was pointed out that all clusters are working together on implementing the ‘community wind energy project’ which, councillors were told, is “increasing in momentum”.

Members also heard that among other projects being progressed by clusters are health events, jobs clubs, cultural traditions events, family fun days, youth activities and events for older people.