Concern over foul state of pet poop bins

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Council need “to pull their socks up” with regard to dog foul collection facilities if they are to expect residents to use them.

That was the view put to the October meeting of Mid & East Antrim Council last week by Councillor Mark McKinty.

His comments came as members ratified the decision reached a month earlier by their Operations Committee to proceed with the advertisement and commencement of five Dog Control Orders, following a consultation exercise during the summer as part of the process to align enforcement procedures across the borough.

These include The Fouling of Land by Dogs (Mid & East Antrim Council) Order 2015, The Dogs on Lead by Direction (Mid & East Antrim Council) Order 2015, The Dogs on Leads (Promenades and Cemeteries Mid & East Antrim Council) Order 2015, The Dogs on Leads (Carnlough, Ballygalley and Browns Bay Beaches) (Mid & East Antrim Council) Order 2015 and The Dogs Exclusion (Carnfunnock Country Park) (Mid & East Antrim Council) Order 2015.

Councillor McKinty said he was aware of dog bins filled to “overflowing” in the borough and highlighted “the state” of some footpaths due to dog fouling.

“We need to pull our socks up on this - we have to make sure the bins are emptied to help these people,” he stated.