‘Control’ on pet after bite

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A dog owner has had a Control Condition placed on the licence of a pet which bit a person on the leg.

The condition requires the owner to confine the dog to property from which it cannot escape and that the dog must be kept on a lead when in a public place.

When a report on the incident came up before last week’s August monthly Council meeting, members endorsed the recommended Control Condition and also agreed that the dog owner should also receive a simple caution. In the event that the dog owner failed to accept a simple caution, it was agreed that Council would proceed to prosecute them.

Earlier, they heard that the Borough Warden had been notified by a resident on May 22 that while he had been talking to his neighbour at a fence on May 15, the dog had bitten him on the upper thigh, through the fencing.

Councillors also heard that the victim received treatment afterwards, including a tetanus injection.

A report on the matter also pointed out that the person in charge of the dog at the time of the attack had accepted that it bit the victim and that since the incident the dog’s owners had erected new fencing and were in the process of obtaining electric collar and fencing.