Council agree terms of JTI support group

Mid & East Antrim Borough Council. (Editorial Image).
Mid & East Antrim Borough Council. (Editorial Image).

Councillors have agreed, at committee level, draft terms of reference of a Council-led working group to consider the impact of the JTI factory closure.

Agreement on the purpose and structure of the ‘JTI Task and Finish Support Group’ was reached by members of the Mid & East Antrim authority’s Economic Growth & Development Committee at their latest meeting last week in Larne.

The ‘terms’ state that the overall purpose of the Group will be to work with other statutory bodies to consider appropriate support mechanisms which can be provided by Council to support the employees of JTI and to consider the wider economic issues and impact on the local economy of the factory’s complete closure which is due by 2017.

The Task & Finish Support Group, whose members will be Cllrs T. Gaston, A. Wales, P Maguire, W McCaughey, S Nicholl and “appropriate organisations as advised by the Chief Executive, is due to have its first meeting in August and meet bi-monthly.