Council has ‘no remit’ to remove tyres from bonfire

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After a number of complaints about the usage of tyres on a bonfire at Drumtara estate, Mid & East Antrim Borough Council have issued a last minute plea for their removal.

In a statement issued this afternoon they said: “In regards to the bonfire at Drumtara, we do not own the land on which the bonfire is placed, and we do not have legal remit to remove any material from the site. We hope the organisers will see the need to remove the tyres to make it a safer and more environmentally responsible event for everyone.”

Pictures of a huge mound of tyres had been posted on social media, leading to complaints about the potential for hazardous fumes.

The council statement continued: “Mid and East Antrim Borough Councillors and officers have been working with a number of community groups and bonfire builders in the area for the past eight months to encourage a socially and environmentally responsible approach to bonfires and cultural celebrations.

“We commend those that have chosen to use a beacon celebration and would like to encourage others to consider making this a part of their traditional celebrations on the 11th of July.

“For those that continue to build bonfires out of other materials, we condemn the use of tyres due to the environmental and health concerns which arise when they are burnt.”