Council promise to ‘engage’ with affected ratepayers over binlid policy

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Public anger over a so-called zero tolerance ‘closed binlid’ policy has prompted Mid & East Antrim Council to promise action.

A closed lid policy was introduced on 1 April and since then around 18,200 households have had their bins emptied.

“Records show that less than 1% have not been lifted, resulting in 97 calls to the Council Depot,” said a Council spokesperson. “Where calls have been received, the Waste Foreman has responded, to determine the issues facing householders. The application of the policy may have caused difficulties in areas where recycling is either non-existent or poor.

“Council wish to engage with and support residents who are affected, to encourage and promote increased recycling and will work with householders, provide advice and seek co-operation to maximise recycling and reduce waste going to landfill.

“Disposal of waste to landfill is a significant cost to ratepayers. In 2015/16 the estimated cost for black bin disposal will amount to over £3.5 Million. This, however, can be reduced through improved recycling.

“The combined recycling rate for Mid and East Antrim is approximately 47%. If Mid and East Antrim increased the recycling rate to 60%, over £500,000 could be saved.”

Mid & East Antrim Borough Council. Editorial image.

Mid & East Antrim Borough Council. Editorial image.