Council to maintain parlour promotions

Mayor of Mid & East Antrim Cllr Billy Ashe and his deputy, Cllr Timothy Gaston. (Submitted picture).
Mayor of Mid & East Antrim Cllr Billy Ashe and his deputy, Cllr Timothy Gaston. (Submitted picture).

Mayoral receptions are to be held at three different venues across the new borough of Mid and East Antrim (MEA), it has been confirmed.

It is a common misconception that civic recognitions are only reserved for VIPs when, in fact, all requests from citizens are considered and are individually assessed.

Mayor’s Receptions highlight special achievements, community service, outstanding endeavours and also are a way of greeting special visitors.

Under the new local authority, these will continue to be held in the culturally significant ‘Parlours’ across the three locations of Ballymena, Carrickfergus and Larne, the only difference being that they will be coordinated through the Mayor’s Office at The Braid.

MEA Mayor Cllr Billy Ashe says: “There’s a wealth of history and shared culture across our new Borough of Mid and East Antrim. One important link to the area’s rich heritage is the continuous use of the existing Mayor’s Parlour facilities in The Braid Town Hall, Carrickfergus Town Hall and Larne Town Hall, for receptions to recognise and acknowledge citizens.

“Using the various historic parlours as important civic facilities will add a further link to the shared cultural heritage that figured so strongly in the formation of the new Borough Council.

“We want to be hear about borough residents’ achievements so as to have the opportunity to highlight these, where appropriate.”

For example, any resident who is approaching their 100th Birthday and subsequent birthdays can get a special card and gift.

Those who are approaching their 60th Wedding Anniversary can also get a congratulatory card and a gift, carried out through a Mayor’s Reception and presentation.

Looking to the future, Mayor Ashe said: “Mid and East Antrim is the first of the new councils to become a Borough Council. This is a demonstration that we are focused on serving the best interests of all citizens in the new council area.”

Reflecting on the historic inaugural meeting of the new Borough Council on April 1, Mayor Ashe added: “This helped provide a measure of continuity, reflecting the diverse elements now being welded together under the new Mid and East Antrim banner, joining the histories of the previous councils.”

Requests for the Mayor should be forwarded to: Mayor’s Office, Chief Executive’s Department, Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, Bridge Street, The Braid, Ballymena, BT43 5EJ or