Councillors heading for the Salt Mines?

Mid & East Antrim Borough Council. (Editorial Image).
Mid & East Antrim Borough Council. (Editorial Image).

Mid & East Antrim Councillors could soon be showing true grit and going down the Salt Mines - in Carrickfergus!

They’ve been invited by the Kilroot based Irish Salt Mining & Exploration Co Ltd., to visit a mine and view the activities of the company to help them assist with constitutents’ gritting related queries.

Bringing details to the July monthly meeting, last week, Mayor Billy Ashe pointed out that salt mining “is a very important part of the Carrickfergus economy” and said a visit to mine would be “a treat” for a first timer.

Welcoming the invitation, Cllr Billy Henry said: “I think this is a very very important visit.

“We all shout every year for more gritting for our roads and we have no idea where it comes from. I would recommend as many members as possible attend. I, for one, would attend.”

Irish Salt Mining and Exploration has been mining De-Icing Rock Salt since 1965 at its Kilroot Mine which is not only worked but continuously developed. From 14,500 tonnes mined in their inaugural year, the company can now produce half a million tonnes of De-icing Rock Salt per annum.