Councillors query grass verge cutting

The Braid. (Editorial Image)
The Braid. (Editorial Image)

Roadside grass verges throughout the Mid & East Antrim borough will be given at least one cut by TransportNI, a council committee has been assured.

The assurance came from Transport NI Northern Division’s Network Development Manager Alan Keys in response to queries on grass cutting policy from numerous Community Planning Committee members during a presentation to them on the annual local roads report for 2016-17.

Clarifying the position in relation to grass cutting policy he said that due to funding constraints every grass verge would get one cut with the exception of sightlines.

He stated: “To ensure public safety is not compromised, sightlines will be cut as required throughout the season. Currently, all roadside verges and sightline grass will be cut at least once in the period April-October. Many councils cut urban grass areas last year and I would welcome any further commitment to continue with this practice. Regrettably, the Department will not be able to fund Councils to cut grass for amenity purposes this year.”

Ald William McNeilly said he had noticed that cutting seemed to involve “only taking one strip off a broad verge”, adding, “you need to be taking two”.

Mr Keys said: “That has been the policy - a one metre wide swathe”.