100 mph teen driver overtook police in race t find missing mobile phone

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An 18-year-old, who had just passed his test, overtook police and continued on at up to 110mph claiming he had only a certain time to get to the north coast to retrieve his missing mobile phone.

Josh Caldwell, of Carnbeg Avenue in Antrim, was driving a Mini which zoomed past police on the A26 dual-carriageway in July this year.

A prosecutor told Thursday’s Ballymena Magistrates Court, police were overtaken at high speed by the car with ‘R’ plates on it and before pulling the driver in they recorded the speed as being in excess of 100 going towards 110mph.

The defendant told police at the scene he believed he had been doing roughly 95mph.

Defence solicitor Andrew Kinney said his client was absent from court because he had just started university in Aberdeen.

At the time of the speeding offence, to which Caldwell had pleaded guilty, Mr Kinney said the defendant had been to the north coast and lost his mobile phone and was going back up to get it.

Mr Kinney said Caldwell was told by a receptionist they could give him the phone but he would have to get there by a certain time.

“A phone to a young person is something of a lifeline,” said the solicitor.

District Judge Peter King banned the defendant from driving for two months and fined him £120 saying the court had to send out a very clear message regarding young drivers doing such speeds.