‘Bogus caller’ alert issued by police

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Beware bogus caller

A man with an accent described as ‘southern’, called at the home of an older couple on Fenagh Road on Thursday, claiming to represent their electricity supplier.

The man asked for access to the rear of the property but when questioned by the couple, he left.

Electricity suppliers have confirmed this man was not an employee of theirs.

Constable Sean Dalton is reminding residents to be cautious when dealing with any caller to the home: “If a person you do not know calls at your door, don’t let them in unless you are 100% satisfied they are who they claim. Yes, it can feel awkward and uncomfortable asking to check a caller’s ID but remember, this is your home and they are a stranger to you, regardless of who they claim to represent.

In light of this report from Cullbackey, I want to encourage an awareness in local residents. Keep an eye out for anything or anyone suspicious or out of the ordinary in your area. If a particular individual rouses your suspicion, contact police. Local officers can be reached via 101.”