Drugs accused calls prosecutor a liar before Judge

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When a prosecutor began outlining a case at Ballymena Magistrates Court and said 15 grammes of cannabis was found during a search of a Ballymena man’s house, the accused said: “That’s lies”.

William Anthony Ward (49), of Victoria Park, Ballymena, is accused of possessing the Class B drug on January 5 this year.

Addressing District Judge Peter King he said: “You would have to see what was lifted, what was taken from my house”.

The accused alleged he was told he was getting a police caution because the amount was “so little” but then he was taken to court.

He said: “I put it into my food and eat it”.

He indicated he wished to plead guilty and a prosecutor began to outline the case.

As soon as she said “15 grammes” of cannabis were found, the accused immediately interrupted and said: “That’s lies”.

The accused said he was keen for the case to be dealt with that day and insisted he wanted to enter a guilty plea.

However, Judge King said he was not accepting the plea and added: “You cannot sit there and shake your head and call the prosecutor a liar”.

The accused asked: “Where did they get the 15 grammes from?”

Judge King said with a contest “we will find out” and the case was adjourned.