Farm vehicles stolen from Antrim - found near Omagh!

A number of farm vehicles, thought to have been stolen from the Antrim area, have recently been recovered by Police.

Three tractors, a number of trailers and a metal tank were recovered from locations in the Omagh area.

Police continue to ask those who live in rural communitites to ensure that they do all they can to prevent this type of crime; farmers are advised to take the following precautions to prevent them from becoming a victim of crime:

- One or two laneways into the farm makes it more difficult for any would be thief to remain undetected and it is advised that several gates be sited here; consideration to be given to attaching active infrared beams.

- Ensure there is at least one secure compound which has doors/locks of good quality; use this to store machinery / tractors / quads. Ensure it is well lit and preferably alarmed. Installation of CCTV would be of great benefit.

- Remove keys from tractors and if possible remove starter caps and batteries from older tractors. Secure vehicles and farm machinery in a secure compound when not in use or close to the farm house where it can be seen. Chain items to a fixed point or to something similar.

- Ensure all tractor trailers etc. are marked and identifiable to that property - Trailer marking codes are given out by Crime Prevention Officer and Police Officers as part of the Farmwatch scheme currently operating in D District.

- Remove all scrap metal and materials that are not in use from around the farm

- Use Tracker or Cesar for machinery.