Farmers get fraud warning


The Ulster Farmers’ Union are warning the agricultural community to be vigilant following reports that fraudsters are obtaining bank details and defrauding them by using a number of scamming methods.

UFU deputy president Barclay Bell said; “Fraudsters are contacting farmers claiming they represent their bank and are using a number of tactics to trick them into disclosing their account details, with the intent of illegally securing and using the funds in that account.

“These unscrupulous individuals are very convincing and may have already obtained important information like who you bank with and other details regarding your account, which is why we are encouraging everyone to be vigilant.”

Mr. Bell added:“It is vital that each individual is aware of online security threats, can spot attempted fraud and take steps to avoid this. Banks will never phone or email asking for online password information, nor will they ever ask for an individual to make a payment over the phone using an online account. In addition, legitimate companies, including banks, will never ask customers for all of their security log-on details either over the phone or by email. Furthermore, telephone calls asking for these details will not be from the bank or company, therefore the person calling is likely to be a fraudster.”

He concluded: “The UFU would strongly advise anyone who receives such a call not to engage with the caller and put the phone down.”