Heartless thugs strike at GB display

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Thieves stole from cars of parents and officers while they were attending a Girls’ Brigade function in the village of Connor.

Now, North Antrim Assemblyman, Robin Swann, who lives in the area, has called for a stronger police presence in the area.

He said: “I strongly condemn the heartless thugs who recently broke into parents’ and Girls’ Brigade officers’ cars while girls were at a GB function in Connor Presbyterian Church”.

“There is an urgent need for the PSNI presence to be more visible in Kells and Connor village.”

Mr Swann added: “This type of despicable thuggish behaviour which took place while young people and adults attended a Christian church event cannot be allowed to go both unchallenged and unpunished.

“I call on the police commander for the region to increase the police presence in Kells and Connor and also for anyone with information about this terrible attack on the cars to give whatever information they can to the PSNI so that these criminals can be brought before the courts.”