Help stop anti-social antics of firework throwing ‘hoods’

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The community throughout Ballymoney and Moyle have been urged to help stop the firework-throwing antics of ‘hallowe’en hoods’.

North Antrim UUP Assemblyman, Robin Swann said: “This sort of irresponsible behaviour can be exceptionally scary and highly intimidating to young and old alike. With Hallowe’en looming, there still unfortunately remains the threat from large volumes of often illegal fireworks in the countryside.

“These illegal fireworks, and especially the loud banger types, still pose a considerable threat. I appeal to the community that if they have any knowledge of these types of attacks to give the information as soon as possible to the police so that these people can be brought before the courts and face the due process of the law.

“As a community, we have a moral duty to assist the police and the courts in eradicating the threats to life and physical attacks from these Hallowe’en Hoods.”