Judge’s Home Office warning to Polish ‘transient’


A Polish man residing in Ballymena has been living a transient lifestyle and stays at a friend’s house despite coming here nine years ago.

His solicitor was speaking at Ballymena Magistrates Court as Damian Pawel Zawadzki (28), whose address was given as Dunclug Gardens, appeared and admitted possessing cannabis.

The drug was detected during a search in November last year.

The defence lawyer said it was a small amount of herbal cannabis.

The lawyer said the defendant, who had a “substantial” record mainly for theft, was being paid £25 cash in hand a day to deliver leaflets but has now lost that job.

He has never obtained a National Insurance number.

The solicitor said the thefts were all for food products which was basically to assist in him eating.

After hearing about the defendant’s lifestyle, District Judge Peter King said Zawadzki could come to the attention of the Home Office.

Giving the defendant a two year conditional discharge, the judge told him it was the last such case disposal he was getting from him .

He warned Zawadzki he had exhausted the “goodwill” of the court.