New Year’s eve party went ‘horribly wrong’

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A New Year’s Eve party went “horribly wrong” for a Polish couple who came to County Antrim to work in a potato factory to get money for their wedding and now the plans for their big day are “somewhat up in the air,” a court heard on Thursday.

Kamil Maciag (25), of Dalriada Avenue, Cushendall, appeared at Ballymena Magistrates Court and admitted assaulting his fiancee and damaging a window.

A prosecutor said police attended an address on January 1 this year and were told by a woman she was assaulted by her partner who had pushed her before closing a bedroom door on her finger. Another Polish national said the defendant had broken glass in his door.

Maciag was arrested and admitted “putting his hands on” the woman and shaking her but couldn’t remember trapping her finger.

Defence solicitor Stewart Ballentine said it was a New Year’s Eve party which went “horribly wrong”.

He said Maciag and his fiancee came from Poland to work in a potato factory to earn money for their wedding and were at a friend’s house for a party but they “had words”.

He said the injured party thankfully only suffered bruising to her finger.

Mr Ballentine said the glass in the door was damaged by accident although the defendant admitted he was reckless.

The solicitor added: “The marriage plans are somewhat up in the air”.

Maciag was given a three months jail sentence, suspended for a year.