Police probe report of ‘suspicious approach’ to children


Police are investigating a report of a suspicious approach made to children in the Queen Street area of Ballymena yesterday evening (Wednesday 30 September).

Chief Inspector Simon Ball said: “I can assure the community that we are taking this matter very seriously and are carefully investigating what happened last night.”

Chief Inspector Ball continued: “I understand the concern that this type of incident creates. I also understand that the number one concern of parents is the safety and welfare of their children.

“I can reassure parents that we are putting great time and effort into investigating this suspicious approach. I will provide any investigative update where I can.”

Speaking last night, UKIP councillor Donna Anderson said: “A good description of the car and the man involved have been given and CCTV camera evidence will hopefully have been captured.”

Posts about the incident flooded Facebook last night alongside pictures of a vehicle with a number plate clearly visible.