Police warning to Frosses Road anti-social drivers

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The PSNI have warned motorists using the Frosses Road in a dangerous or anti-social manner that they will be dealt with “robustly”.

Officers, along with staff from the DVA and council carried out an operation in the area on Sunday night.

Sgt. Craig said: “Police are aware that the Frosses Road has become a magnet for dangerous driving, anti-social driving and that a large amount of cars gather on a Sunday evening.

“We had police in the vicinity last week and a large number of persons were spoken to.

“Unfortunately the message does not seem to be getting out there.”

Sgt. Craig said that on Sunday night, cars were starting to gather once again.

“We have had a number of detections for high speed on the road and advice and warning issued to a number of other persons,” Sgt. Craig said.

Sgt. Craig added: “I’ll imagine the talk is about how police have ruined a bit of innocent fun, however, it’s not.

“I have been to my fair share of bad collisions and I’d rather not go to any more.

“We are there to try and stop people killing themselves or some other innocent person. We are there to provide reassurance to those who live in the area that we take their complaints seriously.

“My message is to those that insist on coming to this area, drive in a way that shows no consideration to anyone else, is that we will be there, we will deal robustly with any offences and we may just save your life.”