Residents outraged as car vandals strike again


Residents of a Ballymena street are baffled and justifiably angered by an ongoing campaign of car vandalism.

People living in Prince’s Street say their cars have been ‘keyed’ on several occasions over the past two years.

One man told the Times his vehicle had been scored on three occasions since early December.

On Saturday evening at least eight cars were targetted by vandals, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

An outraged resident told the Times: “There just seems to be no reason for this behaviour.

“Apart from sheer badness, no-one in this area can think of any issues which could be behind this.

“I wonder if the person or persons doing this have a car? Do they have any idea of the stress and anxiety they are causing totally innocent people?”

Police say anyone with information shouldcontact 101 and give police reference number CCS 515 08/01/17.

A spokesperson said: “If anyone has their own CCTV on Prince’s Street we would love to hear from you.”