Rogue riders could cause a fatality - Frew

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The reckless behaviour of some scrambler riders has prompted a Ballymena MLA to warn that a potential tragedy is ‘waiting to happen’.

DUP assemblyman, Paul Frew said the dangerous activities of people riding scramblers in built up public areas was a matter of serious public concern.

Mr. Frew said he had been working with residents who are ‘fed up to the back teeth’ as they see their residential areas blighted by such behaviour.

He added: “These rogue bikers are people who show very little or no regard for young children playing on the footpaths or vulnerable elderly residents who cross the road or walk the footways.

“There have been a number of areas in the past few years where complaints about this form of anti social behaviour have been lodged but nowhere more so than the Ballykeel One estate.

“I have had a number of meetings with Residents, who have accompanied me to meet with agencies like PSNI, local Council, Education Authority and PCSP in the hope that something would be done to kerb the activities of the reckless riders.”

Mr. Frew said that the bikers spend most of their time on land that is owned by the Education Authority between Ballykeel 1 & 2, on the old primary school site.

“Although there is certainly a noise issue in the late summer days the main safety concern is about some bikers zooming at great speeds through residential areas of Ballykeel to get to this area regardless of who else is using the road or footway. On a number of ocasions the bikers have mounted the footway at high speeds to gain an advantage when racing other bikes .

“This is totally unacceptable and I appeal to all who would engage in this behaviour to stop.”

The assemblyman explained that the possibility of erecting a turnstile type gate allowing access for walkers but blocking scramblers had been investigated.

“It is my opinion that such a move, along with a more robust police presence would help to resolve this issue before someone is killed. This activity has been going on far too long and action needs to be taken now.”