UDA ‘involved in Ahoghill pipe bombs’ claims McKay

Searching the Brookfield Gardens area in Ahoghill. INBT39-207AC
Searching the Brookfield Gardens area in Ahoghill. INBT39-207AC

Sinn Fein MLA Daithi McKay has claimed that the PSNI confirmed in a meeting with him that the UDA was behind two pipe bombs that were discovered in Ahoghill last week.

However, the PSNI ‘could not confirm’ whether the meeting took place.

Mr McKay said he will now ask for a report from the PSNI on the status of ‘Unionist’ paramilitary organisations in the area.

“It has been well established that Unionist paramilitaries are involved in criminal activity, intimidation, extortion and drug dealing in the North Antrim constituency,” he said.

“The confirmation that the UDA is responsible for bomb attacks in the area, including those in Ahoghill recently, is only the latest evidence that unionist paramilitaries are active and a current threat to society.”

The pipe bombs, with timers attached, were discovered in the Brookfield Gardens area last Thursday.

The PSNI said at the time of the attack that it was “too early to say if any paramilitary organization or group was behind these incidents”.

However, police did say that they didn’t believe the explosions were motivated by sectarianism or racism.