Warning over card PINs

Missing girl
Missing girl

Police have issued a warning after a number of incidents occurring at auto banks and till areas of shops in Randalstown, Magherafelt and Portglenone recently.

It is understood that where persons appear to stand behind people who are completing a transaction and attempt to gain their PIN number.

They are subsequently approached by these persons who attempt to obtain their bank card that is then used to obtain funds from victims bank accounts.

Police would ask if you see anything suspicious, perhaps something that doesn?t look right or if you see any suspicious activity around a cash machine, tell your local police on the non-emergency number 101 or, in an emergency, call 999.

Police would urge the public to:

1. Keep your PIN number secure, by being aware of people around you when entering your details into the ATM.

2. Shield the keypad as you enter your PIN number.