Woman had heroin in her underwear


Police strip-searched a Ballymena woman and found she had heroin hidden in her underwear.

Elizabeth Rainey (38), of Colonsay Park, had the possessing Class A drugs offence detected on September 10 last year.

She was using crutches when she appeared at Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday where a prosecutor said during a planned search of the house she was strip-searched and the drugs were in her underwear.

The defendant confirmed to officers the heroin was hers and she had tried to hide it from officers.

Defence barrister Aaron Thompson said his client was a heroin addict and lived a “hand to mouth” existence.

Mr Thompson said “because of previous failings” Probation did not think they could assist Rainey and he was disappointed that there was not an alternative disposal in the case.

District Judge Peter King said he had hoped to deal with the case by way of some form of community disposal that could give the defendant some help with her addiction but he said the defendant was not in a position to do Community Service and no recommendation had been given to him by the Probation authorities. Sentencing her to one month in jail, suspended for six months, he told Rainey: “I have some hope I wont be seeing you back”. The defendant replied: “Thank you Your Honour”.