Yoga teacher guilty of sex charges

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A yoga instructor in Ballymena who taught about the ‘harmony of body and spirit’ in his classes has pleaded guilty at Antrim Crown Court to a number of sex charges relating to two females between 1979 and 1990.

Desmond Robinson (73), of Kintullagh Court, originally denied 25 charges of indecent assault on the females and 14 of gross indecency with or towards them when they were children.

However, at court on Wednesday he changed his plea and admitted ten of the charges.

The rest were left on the books by the prosecution.

The exact ages of the females at the time of the offences are unknown but the charges Robinson admitted to described them as children and in others as females. The locations where he abused the females is also unknown.

Robinson was released on continuing bail and a pre-sentence report will be prepared before he comes back to court in February.

The pensioner will now have to sign the Sex Offenders Register but the length of time he will be on it has yet to be revealed.

An internet search shows Robinson was organising ten week courses of Svatantra Yoga in the spring of 2015 at a cost of £46.90 per person. The listing said each class included meditation, yoga breathing practice, classical postures, Bandhas and Yoga Nidra and ‘all work is adapted and modified for individual needs’.