Cushendall Road - need for safety improvements raised

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Urgent calls for road safety improvements on the notorious road from Cargan to Cushendall have been made to the head of Transport NI by Sinn Fein representatives.

MLA Daithí McKay and Braid Councillor Paul Maguire met with Transport NI’s Deirdre Mackel to discuss the need for road safety barriers on the road out of Cargan towards the Glens.

It follows a fatal accident that occurred there in recent weeks.

After the meeting Mr McKay said: “We outlined in the strongest terms that the work to erect safety barriers at this site is both essential and urgent. There are of course a number of competing sites for funding but given the recent accident that occurred coupled with the clear risk that exists here it is time that Transport NI acted.

“We of course appreciate the budgetary constraints that exist and that is another reason why we need a Roads Minister back in post. There is a need to ensure that the wide rural and coastal nature of this district gets the budget it needs to deal with routes that are clearly unsafe.”

Cllr Maguire added: “I first requested these works to be done in 2011 and it is shameful that four years on nothing has been done. There have been a number of accidents that have taken place here this year and I am extremely concerned that a serious accident could again take place in the near future.

“Ms Mackel has agreed to consider this further and I hope that Transport NI will make the decision to progress this to the next stage in November. After that we need to see an appropriate budget put in place by the Minister, when they take up post, to deal with this. The safety of the rural community will not be secured with the paltry budget that is currently in place for minor works schemes such as this and it needs addressed urgently.”