Delving into political issues at St Louis Grammar School’s Hustings event

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St Louis Grammar school was the venue for a recent hustings event.

Candidates from the four largest parties, DUP, SF, UUP and SDLP were represented including both North and South Antrim constituencies.

The audience was made up of Upper Sixth pupils, many of whom would be voting for the first time.

The event was hosted by Declan Lawn, a past pupil of the school who has worked on Spotlight and Panarama.

The politicians were certainly kept on their toes as they were asked about the party positions on issues such as abortion, gay marriage, the economy, especially in relation to the job losses in Ballymena and the petition of concern.

The event was enjoyed by all and was evidence of a genuine engagement by young people in politics.

The school would like to take the opportunity once more to thank all the party representatives who took part.