Demand for urgent action over ‘death trap’ A26

The A26 dual carriageway between Ballymena and Antrim. INBT35-203AC
The A26 dual carriageway between Ballymena and Antrim. INBT35-203AC

A local councillor is calling for urgent action to be taken to address safety concerns on the “death trap” Lisnevenagh Road.

Councillor Beth Adger was speaking out after two serious road traffic collisions in the space of two days on the main Ballymena to Antrim road.

Cllr Beth Adger

Cllr Beth Adger

Three vehicles were involved in a collision between the junctions at Cromkill and the Ramble Inn on Thursday afternoon, while one female was taken to hospital on Saturday evening following a two-vehicle collision near to the Ramble Inn.

And earlier this month, a number of people were injured and a horse killed after two cars struck the animal on the notorious stretch of highway.

Cllr. Adger, who has been campaigning over the safety issues on the stretch of road for almost 20 years, said it was time for a serious rethink on introducing traffic calming measures.

“Speed plays a serious part in a lot of accidents that have happened on the A26,” Cllr. Adger said.

She added: “It’s time that action was taken to try and encourage drivers to slow down.

“If you look at the road to Bangor, where there are average speed cameras and speed restrictions on certain stretches of the road, we need to see something like this put in place on the A26.”

Cllr. Adger added that while the issue has been raised with the previous Department for Regional Development (now the Department for Infrastructure), the matter

always rested on funding.

“We’re told there’s no money available but what price can you put on a life,” Cllr. Adger said.

She added: “We all know this road is a death trap.

“There have been numerous fatalities along this road over the last 14-15 years, how many more people have to lose their lives before something is done.”

Cllr. Adger knows the dangers only two well, living just off the dual carriageway at Shankbridge.

“You feel like you are putting your life in your hands every time you go to drive out onto the main road,” Cllr. Adger said.

Cllr. Adger added: “My thoughts are with those who were injured in these latest collisions.

“Enough is enough, we need urgent action to prevent any more from occurring.

“I would also call on the PSNI to carry out more speed checks in the area to try and deter speeding.”