Diabetes Making a Difference event

Diabetes UK Northern Ireland is proud to announce the ‘Making a Difference Conference’ taking place on Saturday, March 1 in Newforge Country Club, Belfast.

The Making a Difference Conference is free of charge and open to everyone who would like to find out more about what opportunities there are in Northern Ireland as well as showcasing the work of the charity’s outstanding volunteers over the past year.

Iain Foster, Diabetes UK Northern Ireland National Director, said: “Despite our small size, Northern Ireland continues to punch above its weight in terms of volunteering and fundraising for worthy causes.

“Diabetes UK Northern Ireland is delighted to work with so many volunteers and supporters who give of their time and expertise whenever they can to help us raise awareness about diabetes.

“The conference is jam-packed with fantastic and inspirational speakers, updates on research underway in Northern Ireland thanks to Diabetes UK funding and also hands-on workshops to further your own volunteering potential and expertise. In addition to all of this, we will be hosting our eagerly anticipated Inspire Awards which highlights individual and group successes over the last year.

“We are especially thrilled to have Richard Lane OBE in attendance. Mr Lane OBE is not only the President of Diabetes UK but is also one of the first people in the UK to have had pancreatic islet cells inserted in his body as part of pioneering research into the possibilities of a cure for diabetes.”

Diabetes is affecting more and more people in Northern Ireland; now over 80,000 people here know what it is to live with this long-term and potentially, very serious, condition.

If you would like to attend the Making a Difference Conference on March 1 at Newforge Country Club, being held from 9.30am to 4pm, please contact Heather.Causer@diabetes.org.uk or call the Diabetes UK Northern Ireland office on 028 9066 6646.